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LivFre believes that analyzing measurable data drives measurable growth. Our digital marketing channels work in tandem to boost brand awareness, engagement, loyalty, conversions and customer retention. Each marketing channel fuels the success of the next in cyclical fashion to grow your business.


Digital Marketing Services

Raise your brand to the forefront of your industry with our custom digital marketing services

Digital Marketing Process

Our online marketing strategies are tailored to the unique objectives of your brand. Our digital marketing approach aims to improve conversion rate, user engagement, customer satisfaction and an overall boost in ROI.


& Analysis

Creative Concept

Drive High
Quality Traffic



Drive Quality Traffic

Digital marketing practices boost qualified traffic more likely to become leads

How Each Service Boosts Web Presence

A quality Digital Marketing Strategy works to build brand awareness and loyalty,

drive traffic to your website and increase conversions.
Here’s how our services accomplish these goals:

Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization

Search engines (such as Google and Bing) are the #1 driver of traffic to websites. SEO is the practice of optimizing your website to show higher in search results for those seeking your product or services. A number of techniques are involved in SEO including utilizing proper keywords, optimizing the website architecture, and the inclusion of other content marketing strategies. Our experts work to land you above all your competition in search engines, resulting in more website traffic and conversions.

Email Marketing & Automation

Email Marketing & Automation

Email Marketing has the highest ROI of any form of digital marketing. Moreover, email is also a way of retaining a nurturing existing customers and qualified leads. Through promotions, special offers, newsletters and more, Email Marketing delivers your offerings in a personal fashion right into the email boxes of people who already opted-in to your mailing list. Open rates and click-through rates can be monitored, analyzed and optimized to make the strategy as efficient as possible.

Social Media Marketing

Social Media Marketing

Social media takes thoughtful content strategy to engage customers at every level of the buying process, including both those who have or have not already purchased. Socially-savvy companies publish marketing messages to tell stories that create an emotional connection between the customer and the brand, product or service. Through this storytelling, brands work to form relationships with their followers to keep them informed and spread their marketing message. With over 2.3 billion active social media users, every business has prospective clients on social media, making it an imperative arena to tap into.

Paid Advertising

Paid Advertising

Paid Advertising through channels such as Google Search and Facebook Ads can extend your brand’s reach by hundreds to thousands of people per day. Through detailed targeting methods such as age, gender, location, interests and much more, paid advertising captures qualified leads in ways other marketing cannot. Best of all, you set your own budget and only pay for when the ads are working (by paying for each click on an ad or for how often an ad is shown).

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