Online Presence Analysis

LivFre consultants evaluate your current online standing and discover new ways to grow your digital following and spread your web presence

Digital Solutions to Web Presence and Business Growth

By analyzing specific digital metrics of your business we can develop a strategy to launch your brand to the forefront of your industry

Conversion Optimization Tactics

Our custom services boost your web presence resulting in the accumulation of qualified leads and conversions

Traffic Analysis

First step is analyzing your website

We begin by investigating the sources of your site traffic and if your landing pages are relevant to the sources driving the visits. When users can immediately find what they are looking for on your website, they are much more likely to take an action (such as a purchase or request for info).

Trust Building Elements

We always focus on building trust

We identify specific elements of your website that could be enhanced to build trust with your users. The more a website resembles a users intent, the more credibility your site will gain. The more trust that is placed in your website, the higher conversion rate you will see.

Core Calls-To-Action

Core calls-to-action

Excessive calls-to-action overwhelm the user, cause higher bounce rates and a lower conversion rates. We focus on one central call-to-action which mirrors the user’s probable intent, resulting in higher rates of conversion.

Improve User Focus

We reduce clutter to improve user focus

Through thorough research, our strategic consultants identify which visuals are critical to improving conversion rate. All other visuals are dead weight and must go. We keep unnecessary visual distractions to a minimum,  keeping users as focused and engaged as possible when navigating your website.

Compelling Messaging

Compelling messaging guides users

Clear messaging is paramount. Landing page content should reflect user intent. This means your message must be relevant to what visitors are looking for when they come to your site.  If users cant clearly understand the value your products or services could bring them, they’ll find what the seek somewhere else.

Process Efficiency

Efficient sign-up forms

We ensure that website elements, such as contact forms, offer the best user-experience and avoid any barriers to entry. People often don’t want to give away too much information. By only requiring the most essential personal information for filling out form fields, whether for a newsletter sign-up, request-a-quote, or checkout process, users are more likely to complete them.

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